Superhero Group Photo
Tom Barnes

Marketing Executive

This past Friday was TFM’s Superhero Day and decided to get dressed up for a good cause. With a costume competition, buffet, sweepstake’s, vodka bottle games and other activities we managed to raise over £280 for Cash for Kids.

From Batman’s and The Incredibles to Bananas and Super-grans everyone put in a real effort and we couldn’t be prouder of everyone who contributed.

Take a look inside’s superhero HQ:

Super-Gran to the rescue!

Our resident The Incredibles

Our prize sweet food winner, Team Quality’s 3 tier cake!

And our costume champion,Jemma, took her persona a bit too seriously…..

Everyone had a fantastic day and raised well over our previous record of £170, congratulations to everyone who contributed. We’ll keep you updated the next time our superheros stop by!