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Any SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy can be separated in to two different, major sections:

On page SEO: This includes many aspects of data on your site including but not limited to: Page titles, page descriptions, URL extensions and on page content of your website.

Off page SEO: This includes the data that can be found on third party websites about you including company name, address, phone number and on page content i.e. business descriptions etc.

On-page and off-page SEO complement each other and work together to improve your rankings. However, creating adverts in the internet for something that your website does not promote, or promotes incorrectly can hamper your presence. Including the same information on your website as on citations will help increase the relevancy and accuracy of your company’s syndications. You may wish to begin the process by ensuring your on page SEO is as precise and correct as possible before taking the steps of promoting it elsewhere.

Despite being different to each other, both aspects of SEO are critical to a fruitful online marketing campaign; and each play a part in your business ranking for keywords and phrases that are relevant to the products and services you provide.

Good on page and off page search engine optimisation can lead to successfully ranking for competitive keywords. However, neglecting one side of the campaign can have a negative effect on you overall presence; for example:

Good on page SEO + Bad off page SEO – You may not rank for competitive keywords within your industry.

Bad on page SEO + Good off page SEO – You may rank for less popular and competitive phrases within your industry.

Good on page SEO + Good off page SEO – You stand a much better chance of ranking for more competitive phrases both with your website and from referrers which can include landing pages, directories and other affiliating websites.

What will happen if my information is different?

Cleaning up this information and ensuring consistency against your name, address and phone number is completely necessary in aiding any search engine rankings. If, at least most of this information is not consistent, it is improbable that your business will appear for searches other than non-competitive keywords.

I don’t have the time, or know-how to fix my online presence.

We completely understand that as a small business, you have a lot of different responsibilities; and updating internet listings may be low on your list of priorities, but the cleanup is imperative. Nowadays, businesses have their work cut out in the world of online marketing and managing their footprint on a vast range of websites, and often time constraints may not permit.

Take the stress away by having your company’s citations created and managed for you. With Listings Management from UK you can relax in the knowledge that this crucial marketing requirement is taken care of.

What you’ll get:

Citation Creation/Management – Where your business is already syndicated, Listings Management will update the listings of your company to ensure consistency of your information across the internet on the applicable websites. If your business is not already listed, Listings Management will create new citations using accurate information to increase your internet presence.

Ongoing Maintenance – Whether you would like to add more images of your work, or your business have moved location; simply by informing us of the modifications required, Listings Management will amend the information, on the relevant websites for you.

Website Promotion – Wherever possible, Listings Management will make use of links to your website alongside accurate and important information about your business.

Reporting – On the listings that have either been created or updated by Listings Management.

Things to bear in mind:

Just like your website, your listings won’t be found for something that they don’t mention. This could be a product or service your company provides. Failing to include this information on your website or listings may impact on how and where your company is found online.

Ensure your business description is depictive and indicative to your business, mentioning relevant keywords throughout. Remember; your listings or website can only be read for the content they contain.

Choose: We are experienced heating engineers based in Aldershot, Hampshire, providing residential and commercial customers with central heating repairs, installation etc.

OVER: We are an experienced business serving clients throughout Aldershot and Hampshire.

Think ahead – Great, your business information is out there and correct. But you are a photographer, with no photos. Making sure you include key aspects of your business to not only attract a visitor but to convert a potential Your listings and website make your business visible online to anyone with an internet enabled device, all day; every day.

Don’t discount directories – Business directories achieve great rankings in search engines, but when it comes to your business; only for the information your advert contains. Keeping on top of NAP consistency can help your company appear more often in search results.

You can find out more about our listings management products here