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Tom Barnes

Marketing Executive

Use these marketing tips to keep your business in the public eye this Christmas.

Keeping your business in front of potential customer this time of year is always a challenge. When it comes to getting your business out there during the holiday season it’s important to stand out, but where to start? Have a look at the marketing tips and ideas below.

Why not by giving your marketing that festive feeling??

Giving a bit of Christmas love to your promotional materials, like your PDFs, email templates, website etc. can create that festive feeling to our customers. Adding a little snow here, a present there and you’ve got yourself a nice holiday theme that might just catch someone looking for a Christmas deal.

People respond well to visual stimulation, especially if it’s holiday appropriate, appealing to the buy and spend nature of Christmas by contributing to the tehem is the best thing a business can do this time of year.Any that screams “Its Christmas!” and you’re doing it right

Loyalty Rewards

The time of giving isn’t all about buying, sometimes it’s good to reward those loyal customers that have generated more profit for you over the years than all of the casual window shoppers’

How do you reward loyalty? The simplest things can often be enough Those “every 10th product bought free” or “any order over x amount get £20 off” promotions? Make them exclusive, increase them, give away free items, gifts cards, free entry to store competitions. Show your appreciation to those who see real value in your business.

But it doesn’t stop with customers, they fun your business but your employees keep it running Cards, Christmas competitions and raffles, prize draws, vouchers and gift cards, what about a Christmas Party? Depending on the size of the business can affect how personalised you can make these loyalty rewards but it’s important to make an effort to give back in some way.

Discounts and Offers

It’s always a good idea to do a market search and see what the year’s trends are before deciding on the deasonal discount deals. Understanding the simple discount options is key to holiday domination.

Make sure you know what the hot products are this year and work to get the best profit to discount margin on the market if you want real business. If you take these things into consideratin you could even pull off some extended Black Friday deals.

Discount ideas you could try:

  • Early bird offers
  • Spending discount
  • Free shipping
  • Bundle products together for a combined lower price
  • First time shopper offers

The most important part of participating in the holiday discount season is to attract public interest You can do this through social media posts and ads both around your shopfront and website. Anything to generate word of mouth advertising.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media has opened up an entire new angle in marketing, especially for small businesses. Though while it may seem easy and cost effective, it’s important to know what makes a good social media campaign, especially around the holidays.

Similarly, to adorning a festive aesthetic with your website it’s a good idea to do the same with your social media accounts. Adding a Christmas themed profile picture and banner along with holiday promotions, it’s important when appealing to the holiday promotions, whether it be picture, status’, or just simple business promotions it’s important when appealing to the holiday crowd.

It’s also estimated that some businesses can make as much as 20% of their annual revenue through late November, and December. The key to success is a constant presence which, if managed correctly, a well done social media campaign can do for you. The perfect balance of quality content, appealing sales offers and upkeep of public interest is needed to keep a small business relevant this time of year.

Seasonal Synergy

Sometime it can be hard for small businesses to compete with the large retailers but there are ways for you to overcome the overwhelming odds. A road to consider going down is entering into a join business campaign with whether another small business or a larger chain, starting with co-marketing.

What exactly is co-marketing? It’s the process of joining into an agreement to co-promote a product or service and share both the cost and revenue gained from it.

There is also co-branding which is aimed more at brands with a more niche product when it comes to small businesses. This could open the door for you entering into an agreement with another brand to either sell their product or outsource your own across the market to other interest parties for a shared revenue profit.

This is a well known way to spread out the cost of marketing over multiple brands while also giving yourself the opportunity to gain a much higher form of revenue, profit and exposure during the tight holiday months.

Christmas Campaign

Now is the best time to increase your email output with a Christmas themed campaign offering deals and sales. The key for small businesses is to highlight those previously mentioned niche products you won’t find with other high-street retailers, along with the hot gifts of the year.

It’s estimated that 25% of all emails are sent during the holiday season, with 38% of retailers adopting a Christmas design for their outward campaigns, which is a good idea for a small business who wants to make a positive impact. 48% of emails are also opened on a mobile device which causes a loss for businesses who don’t cater to the mobile market in their campaigns.

Things to include in your email campaign are:

  • Free shipping.
  • Sales, deals and reductions.
  • Promote online exclusivity deals, the faster the process, the easier the sale.
  • A Christmas aesthetic on outward promotional campaigns.
  • Highlight hot holiday gifts at competitive prices.

Jolly Blogging

Its not only your websites and outgoing campaigns that should switch focus as December 25th draws ever closer. The corner stone of any business is their blog, an invaluable tool for customers relation and interest, but what should you focus on writing over the next few months?

Here is some ideas:

  • General gift ideas
  • Must own items
  • Shopping strategies
  • Holiday shopping tips
  • Facets and stats about the holidays
  • How to stretch money
  • Decorating ideas
  • Planning the perfect Christmas
  • Gift ideas for someone special

Though don’t fall into the trap of a humourless blog, make sure to include some easy reading. “Top 10 worst Christmas jokes” or ” Christmas traditions that should be forgotten.”

You an add your own small personal touch too, share some funny, bizarre or even sad Christmas stories. As long as you’re connecting to a consumer audience you can’t go wrong.

Show and tell

Having deal and sales is all well and good but no use if nobody knows about them. Social Media campaigns can get the word out though when consumers come knocking for those deal you need to put them front and centre.

When someone clicks they need instant sale notification. All you need is a simple landing page split into different deal categories like, “Tech”, “Outdoors”, “Sports” etc. Then have these categories organised and tabbed to display other deals, “Similar products”. Also display the price drop, it’s fine to have 30% off but show how much that is, how much is someone saving exactly?

Most visitors to your site are going to be looking for gifts so a more refined, specific landing introduction is extremely important. Make it clear, make it concise, make it easy to navigate and find. put sales offers at the top of the pile. Ensure hat is displayed is what they most like want to see.

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