Emma Stainthorpe

Marketing Executive

This week we have had Joel Harrison (15) from Egglescliffe School completing his work experience with us. Joel has been spending some time with every area of the business from Sales to Marketing to Business Intelligence and is doing a fantastic job so far!

Joel said “During my time at Web.com I have experienced some challenges, learnt lots of key skills and created a good understanding for each particular role inside Web.com, including HR, sales, the design of the websites, social media, customer support and marketing. I have witnessed a variety of expertise, proficiency and overall intelligence in all the employee’s and their individual departments, meanwhile my work experience.

In the course of my stay I visited all departments and I was assigned to certain employee’s to follow them and understand their job and how they participate to the company. They all educated me and gave me a further understanding as to how the company operates in order to be successful. I also completed some tasks such a writing a blog, pulling reports and doing research.

I strongly believe that work experience at Web.com is a good idea because you will certainly gain lots of skills, such as IT skills, social skills, creative and designing skills, and learning an understanding of each role/job available at Web.com.”