Effective Marketing Copy
Benjamin Tyrer


There’s no doubt about it: good copy sells. The most effective marketing copy transforms uncertain readers into your best customers. When your copy reflects the quality of your product, consumers will take notice. That’s what makes the written content of your website one of the most important things to focus on.

So, how do you write marketing copy that converts curious readers into serious sales? The best copy follows a few important rules to keep content focused, clear, and appealing.

Understand Your Customers

As a business owner, you already know who buys your product or hires your services. Use that information to tune your marketing copy to the needs and preferences of your market.

Do you offer an emergency plumbing service? Be concise, helping customers find the details they need in the middle of a plumbing disaster. Do you create bespoke wedding cakes? Take some time to show potential clients your creativity with interesting, evocative writing.

By writing targeted marketing copy, you’re more likely to attract your best customers. Now that they’ve found you, use our next tip to convince them to get in touch.

Focus on Benefits, Not Features

The features of your product or service are important, but they don’t tell the whole story. Most customers aren’t interested in the bells and whistles. Instead, they’d rather know what problem your product is going to solve.

For example, most readers won’t care about the technical specifications of acoustic insulation. But enjoying some peace and quiet, free from the annoyance of noisy neighbours? Now you’re speaking a language that potential customers can understand.

With an appropriate amount of information, people will understand what you’re offering. Don’t dampen the signal of your marketing message with an endless stream of features. Instead, ask why those features matter. That’s the first step toward identifying benefits that customers care about.

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